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Why Enter Print competition?

Print Competition is the best way to better yourself as a photographer as there is no greater learning tool! Entering at PPO not only offers some great title wins, but it puts your work in front of qualified judges and gives you critiques before you enter into your district and IPC competitions. These critiques will allow you to build your skills as a photographer and Artist, and make any changes necessary to improve your images prior to entering them at IPC.  There is no better tool to make you a better photographer and enhance your skills than entering image competition. Listening to your and others images being judged is a vital process in improving your skills. 

Eye Candy - Leslie Hoyt


All Entries must be registered at :


PPA Degrees:

PPA Degrees are one of the major reasons we enter Image Competition.

Each Merit image earned at IPC counts toward a degree. An image earning a Image Excellence distinction (formerly called a Loan Image) counts as two merits toward a degree. You are not competing against anyone for your chosen degree, each merit earned or not earned helps you develop as a better photographer and artist. 


"Degrees are a vital way for photographers to keep up (and prove that you do!) with the latest the photographic industry has to offer. Official degrees like PPA's also give you an edge in business. If you've made the decision to pursue a degree through PPA, it's time to pick the one you want to work towards.

Professional Photographers of America Degrees:

Master of Photography

Photographic Craftsman

Master Artist

Master of Wedding Photography

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